Project Wichita Updates

New study sheds light on affects of mental health in Sedgwick County

August 31, 2019

A recent study conducted by the Wichita State University Public Policy and Management Center explores high utilizers of behavioral health services in Sedgwick County. Funded by the Kansas Health Foundation, the study reviews data from three providers of mental health services including Ascension Via Christi, COMCARE of Sedgwick County, and the Substance Abuse Center of Kansas.

In the Project Wichita survey, increased access to quality and affordable mental health care was ranked sixth by the Wichita region. As a result, the Project Wichita Strong Communities and Neighborhoods Action Plan identifies health and safety as a top priority.


July 1, 2019

The Mental Health and Substance Abuse Coalition hosted a summit in late June to update providers, community members and elected leaders on the purpose of the Coalition and upcoming research, engagement and planning activities. The Coalition will focus on an integrated system of care for people with substance abuse or mental health disorders in crisis.

In the Project Wichita survey, increased access to quality and affordable mental health care was ranked sixth by the Wichita region. As a result, the Project Wichita Strong Communities and Neighborhoods Action Plan identifies health and safety as a top priority.

Bothner and Bradley, Inc. is leading the strategic plan development for the Coalition. The Wichita State University Public Policy and Management Center will be conducting focus groups with providers, community organizations and law enforcement. The Center will also be conducting a gap analysis in services, funding and community models.

Project Wichita announces Anchor Institution Task Force

May 1, 2019

To strengthen our regional and urban communities and neighborhoods, the Vision Team found that developing anchor institutions to connect residents to resources, services, and opportunities was a critical strategy. 

The Community Report defines anchor institutions as "an existing location where neighbors may already interact that can grow to serve as a strong community nucleus that connects residents and resources to each other." This new task force, led by Ronn McMahon, will help the Project Wichita team define the essential elements of regional anchor institutions, as well as the opportunities and potential risks that lie ahead. 

  • Ronn McMahon - Greater Wichita YMCA

  • Chan Brown - Kansas Health Foundation

  • Pastor Todd Carter - Pathway Church

  • Commissioner Lacey Cruse - Sedgwick County

  • Pastor Roosevelt DeShazer - Progressive Missionary Baptist Church; Greater Wichita Ministerial League

  • Steve Dixon - PB Hoidale; United Way of the Plains Board Member

  • Mayor Vince Haines - City of El Dorado

  • Pat Hanrahan - United Way of the Plains

  • Councilmember Brandon Johnson - City of Wichita

  • Wendy Johnson - USD 259

  • Tim Kaufman - Sedgwick County

  • Bob Layton - City of Wichita

  • Deputy Chief Troy Livingston - Wichita Police Department

  • Gary Plummer - Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Cecilia Thibault - INTRUST Bank; Young Latino Professionals of Wichita

  • Juston White - Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas

  • Amy Williams - Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.

Substance abuse, mental health, homelessness focus for new coalition

May 1, 2019

A new coalition tasked with seeking community-wide solutions for mental health, substance abuse and homelessness is up and running as an offshoot of the Wichita Crime Commission. The group is led by Wendy Hummell, Substance Abuse Coordinator for the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office, and Jennifer Wilson, Behavioral Health Community Collaborator with the County.

The Coalition is undergoing a strategic planning process that will include researching best practices in other communities and engaging stakeholders from around the Wichita community over the next few months. Board members are:

  • Sheriff Jeff Easter

  • Chief Gordon Ramsay

  • Harold Casey - SACK

  • Robyn Chadwick - Ascension Via Christi 

  • Joan Tammany - COMCARE

  • Todd Johnson - Wichita Crime Commission

  • Teri Moses - USD 259

  • Deann Smith - United Methodist Open Door

  • Gary Schmitt - Intrust Bank

  • Marc Bennett - District Attorney

  • Rich Kerschen - The Law Company

BEA forms task force to align with Project Wichita Action Plans

May 1, 2019

In response to Project Wichita's Lifelong Learning initiatives, the Business Education Alliance (BEA) is forming a task force to further define a deliberate strategy to strengthen the nexus between the education and business sectors in order to meet workforce needs, strengthen our education communities, and maximize our regional economic capacity.

Led by BEA Co-chairs Stephanie Harder of Textron Aviation and Dr. Noreen Carrocci of Newman University, together with Misty Bruckner of WSU's Public Policy and Management Center, this task force will build an innovative model for increased regional partnership toward educating tomorrow's workforce and harnessing the talent capacity of our region.


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