Extensive community input drives 10-year regional vision and action plans

Based on community input from more than 249 focus groups and nearly 14,000 survey respondents, the Vision Team developed action plans for five focus areas:  Talent, Lifelong Learning, Strong Communities and Neighborhoods, Economic Prosperity and Quality of Place.

An overview of the Project Wichita process and the final action plans can be downloaded in the final Project Wichita report.

Click the image below to view a full PDF of the Project Wichita report.


Español: Un Reporte Para la Comunidad

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Throughout 2019, the Project Wichita Vision Team will share the results of the process including the 10 year regional vision, guiding principles and action plans with the community through in person presentations, social media and more. During the Share phase, there are three follow-up opportunities including:

1)    Any organization, employee group, youth group or other interested community members can request a Project Wichita presentation by contacting

2)    As efforts are advanced to move the Project Wichita plan forward, you may sign up via email at to learn how to get involved in future projects.

3)    Get involved with any good cause or project and share the ideas and information with other people. Some of the questions to the community that each person should wrestle with are:

  • What initiatives and strategies are most important to me and why?

  • How can I make a difference in this work?

  • How can I help connect more people and more communities?